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1. Nanostructured Materials for Sensor Applications (SE)
Name : Prof. Jong-Heun Lee
Institution & Country : Korea University, Korea
Title : Highly Sensitive Gas Sensors Using Self-Assembled Oxide Nanostructures


Name : Prof. Kengo SHIMANOE
Institution & Country : Kyushu University, Japan
Title : Development of high-sensitive gas sensor based on theoretical material design


Name : Prof. Andrei Kolmakov
Institution & Country : Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, USA
Title : Nanowire Based Electronic Noses: Evolution of Sensing Elements


2. Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion: fuel cell and solar cell (EC)
Name : Dr. Dirk Henkensmeier
Institution & Country : Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
Title : Polybenzimidazolium based solid electrolytes for fuel cell applications


Name : Prof. Michael D. Guiver
Institution & Country : National Research Council Canada, Canada
Title : Densely Sulfonated Copolymer Electrolyte Membranes for Use in Fuel Cells


Name : Dr. Angelo Moreno
Institution & Country : ENEA, Italy
Title : New materials for fuel cells


3. Energy Storage Materials (ES)
Name : Prof. Yuping Wu
Institution & Country : Fudan University, China
Title : Super Fast Aqueous Rechargeable Lithium Batteries


Name : Xiangyang Kong
Institution & Country : Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
Title : Atom by Atom imaging of defects in LiFePO4 with Olivine structure


Name : Dr. Kyung-Wan Nam
Institution & Country : Brookhaven National Laboratory, Germany
Title : Structural Changes of Layered Cathode Materials during Thermal Decomposition Studied by Synchrotron Based X-rays and TEM Techniques


Name : Dr. Hong Li
Institution & Country : Institute of Physics, CAS, China
Title : Structure evolution of high capacity anode materials for Li-ion batteries


Name : Dr. Daniel P Abraham
Institution & Country : Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Title : Structure investigations of layered oxides for PHEV applications


Name : Prof. Guoxiu Wang
Institution & Country : University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Title : Mesoporous Electrode Materials for High Power Lithium-ion Batteries
4. Nanostructured Materials for Energy Devices (ED)
Name : Prof. Johnny C. Ho
Institution & Country : City University of Hong Kong, China
Title : Novel Processing for Low-Cost Silicon Photovoltaics


Name : Prof. Zhiyong Fan
Institution & Country : Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China
Title : Engineered 3-D Nanostructures for Photon Management and Photovoltaics


Name : Dr. Kenji Fukuda
Institution & Country : National Institute of Avanced Idustrial Sience and Technology(AIST) , Advanced Power Electronics Research Center(ADPERC), Japan
Title : Silicon Carbide Power Devices for Energy Saving


Name : Prof. Jihyun Kim
Institution & Country : Korea University, Korea
Title : Nanostructured Surface for Optoelectronic Devices


Name : Prof. Hyunhyub Ko
Institution & Country : Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
Title :Semiconducting Nanoribbon and Nanowire Arrays for High Performance Transistors
5. Emerging Nano-based Device Technologies (ND)
Name : Prof. Minoru Fujishima
Institution & Country : Hiroshima University, Japan
Title : Millimeter-wave and Terahertz CMOS Design


Name : Prof. Massood Tabib-Azar
Institution & Country : University of Utah, USA
Title : Localized Deposition of Engineered Materials for Sensor Arrays


Name : Prof. Nobuhiko P. Kobayashi
Institution & Country : Univ. of California Santa Cruz, USA
Title : Physics and Chemistry of Nanostructured Materials: Solid State Devices for Energy Harvesting


Name : Dr. Hyungsang Yuk
Institution & Country : Univeristy of Texas at Dallas, USA
Title :Si and SiGe Nanowire Transistors


Name : Prof. Derek Abbott
Institution & Country : Univ. of Adelaide, Australia
Title :Memristive Devices: Modeling, Properties, and Applications




6. Ferroelectric, Piezoelectric Materials and Device Applications (FM)
Name : Prof. Jing-Feng Li
Institution & Country : Tsinghua University, China
Title : KNN-based Lead-free Piezoelectric Ceramics: Sintering, Property Enhancement and Applications


Name : Prof. Satoshi Wada
Institution & Country : University of Yamanashi, Japan
Title : Piezoelectric Enhancement of Relaxor-based Lead-free Piezoelectric Ceramics by Nanodomain Engineering


Name : Dr. Wook Jo
Institution & Country : Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany
Title : Phase Diagram of (Bi1/2Na1/2)TiO3-xBaTiO3


Name : Prof. Sahn Nahm
Institution & Country : Korea University, Korea
Title : Realization of the high energy density piezoelectric ceramics for energy harvesting devices


Name : Prof. Jae-Shin Lee
Institution & Country : University of Ulsan, Korea
Title : Comparison of Piezoelectric Properties between BaTiO3- and BaZrO3-Modified Bi-Perovskite Ceramics


Name : Prof. Hitoshi Ohsato
Institution & Country : Hoseo University, Nagoya Research Institute, Japan
Title : Crystal Structure and Piezoelectric Properties of Four Component Langasite A3BGa3Si2O14


Name : Prof. Ill Won Kim
Institution & Country : University of Ulsan, Korea
Title : Large Strain Response in textured Bi0.5(Na,K)0.5TiO3-based Lead-free Piezoceramics by Reactive Templated Grain Growth


Name : Dr. Soon-Jong Jeong
Institution & Country : Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, Korea
Title :Phase Transition in Mixed Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 and Bi0.5(Na0.75K0.25)0.5TiO3-BiAlO3
7. Superconducting and Magnetic Materials and Devices (SM)
Name : Prof. Xin Yao
Institution & Country : Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), China
Title : Crystal Growth of REBCO Superconductor by Top-Seeded Solution-Growth (TSSG), Top-Seeded Melt-Growth (TSMG), and Liquid Phase Epitaxy (LPE)
Name :Dr. Dong-Woo Ha
Institution & Country : Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, Korea
Title : Removal of Iron Oxides Particles in Condenser Water of Thermal Power Station by Superconducting Magnetic Separation
8. Thin Film Processing and Devices (TF)
Name : Prof. Tomoji Kawai
Institution & Country : Osaka University, Japan
Title : Atomically controlled processing for Oxide Thin Films and Nanowires
Name : Prof. Soon-Gil Yoon
Institution & Country : Chungnam National University, Korea
Title : Using visible light to enhance the photo-response switching of flexible CdS films
Name : Prof. Migaku Takahashi
Institution & Country : Tohoku University, Japan
Title : Iron-Nitride Compound as a New Candidate for Futured Permanent Magnetic Material
Name : Prof. Zonghoon Lee
Institution & Country : Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
Title : Investigation on Grain Boundaries in Monolayer Graphene by Advanced TEM
Name : Prof. Sang-Im Yoo
Institution & Country : Seoul National University, Korea
Title : Biaxial texturing of CeO2 buffer layer on the MgO substrates by pulsed laser deposition
9. Advanced Insulating Materials and Condition Monitoring Diagnosis for HV Power Apparatus (HV)
Name : Dr. Satoshi Matsumto
Institution & Country : Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan
Title : Signal processing using wavelet transform for partial discharge measurement and waveform analysis of lightning impulse test
Name : Prof. Suwarno
Institution & Country : Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
Title : Understanding of Partial Discharge Characteristics for Diagnosis of High Voltage Equipments
Name : Dr. Jin-Pyo Kim
Institution & Country : YEONJIN Corporation, Korea
Title : Material characterization technique of polymers by thermal properties analysis
10. LED & OLED Lighting Technology (LT)
Name : Dr. Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh
Institution & Country : San Jose State University, USA
Title : Applications of Nanowire Transistors for Driving Nanowire LEDs
Name : Dr. Takeo Yasuda
Institution & Country : Toshiba Lighting & Technology Co., Japan
Title : Recent Technological Progress in LED Light Sources and Luminaires
11. Nanoscale Interface Devices and Materials for Organic Electronics (OE)
Name : Prof. Takhee Lee
Institution & Country : Seoul National University, Korea
Title : Organic Resistive Memory Devices: Performance Enhancement and Integrated Architectures
Name : Dr. Meyya Meyyappan
Institution & Country : NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Title : Carbon Nanotube based Chemical and Biosensors
Name : Prof. Rigoberto C. Advincula
Institution & Country : University of Houston, USA
Title : Colloidally Templated and Electro-Patterned Two-Dimensional Conducting Polymer Arrays and Brushes
Name : Dr. Sung-Woong Han
Institution & Country : Kyoto University, Japan
Title : Detection of filamentous actin and the binding protein interaction using an atomic force microscopy
12. Flexible and Printable Electronic Materials and Devices (FE)
Name : Dr. Mario Caironi
Institution & Country : Italian Institute of Technology, Italy
Title : Direct writing and device physics of high mobility organic field-effect transistors
Name : Prof. Jang-Ung Park
Institution & Country : UNIST, Korea
Title : High-Resolution Electrohydrodynamic Inkjet Printing
Name : Prof. Antonio Facchetti
Institution & Country : Polyera Corp. and Northwestern U., USA
Title : Tuning Transistor Performance by Semiconducting Materials Design and Interfacial Chemical Modifications
Name : Dr. Paul Heremans
Institution & Country : IMEC, Belgium
Title : Electronics on flexible foils
Name : Dr. Seokwoo Jeon
Institution & Country : Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
Title : Gigantic Stretchability of Conductive Elastomers with 3D Nanostructures
13. Advanced Technology for LEDs (LE)
Name : Prof. Xiaobing Luo
Institution & Country : Huazhong Univ. of Sci. & Tec., Wuhan, China
Title : A novel method for geometry control of phosphor layer for high-power LED by package structure
Name : Prof. Anthony H.W. Choi
Institution & Country : The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Title : Color-tunable Light-emitting Diodes
Name : Prof. Tae-Yeon Seong
Institution & Country : Korea University, Korea
Title : Improved light output of GaN-based light emitting diodes by introducing current blocking layers
Name : Prof. Kenji Toda
Institution & Country : NIIGATA University, Japan
Title : New processing of LED phosphors
Name : Dr. Jaehee Cho
Institution & Country : Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Title : Study of patterned graded-refractive-index layers to enhance light-extraction efficiency of GaInN LEDs
Name : Prof. Chih-Chung (C. C.) Yang
Institution & Country : National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Title : Thermal Annealing Effects on InGaN/GaN Quantum Wells during the Growth of p-GaN in a Light-emitting Diode
14. Thermal Management Materials, Devices, Processing Technologies and Packages (TM)
Name : Dr. Chang-Yeoul Kim
Institution & Country : Korea Institute of Ceramic Eng. & Tech., Korea
Title : Morphological Control of High Thermal Conductive Ceramic Materials
Name : Dr. Bill Chuang
Institution & Country : Light Ocean Technology Corp., Taiwan
Title : Dot-type COHS LED Package
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